• It's almost 5 am ,and I am Thinking About How I need to Update this

    I need to go back to bed. I think I need to start putting a lot of different crap on here! I mean it's my website after all. Come on, I"m paying for this thing. And I'm using something I am not paying for more. That's such silliness.

    Anyway, the game plan is to make a lot of digital stuff from the drawings I've been accruing over several months :D Yay! I will get back to traditional media, eventually, maybe Maybe nweverrrrr who knows!.

    Also, yeah living in NYC . Seeing lots of stuff. Thinking about putting some reviews on here. Help drive traffic. My god . Seriously. I bet my analytics look worse than the inside of a toilet after a coffee bender. (oay that's gross, but it is 5 am , it is gonna be weird)

    Okay I'm back off to bed.


    If you want to take a look at some of my past notebooks- please go to my blog and have a look around. They are not in chronological order, just whatever I feel like posting from the past.

    I am a persistent note taker, and have been for a while.

    Consider it supplemental ,if you are interested.


  • Featured in the Boston Globe!!!

    I was in the Boston Globe newspaper! Here is a link:


    I am going to be moving to New York City! It's very exciting but I have to find a place to live and a place to work. I have finished my master's in Boston, so it's time to move onto new things.

    You can see my latest work under the 'Boiz' section of my website. I have decided to delve more fully into that.

    I also have instagram now so look me up at kasuverkrubbe.

  • Update- End of 2016

    It's the end of the year! I have been doing self portraits since around Fall of 2015 , and in the past few months I have begun moving away from them. I have to finish uploading the rest, and then I will be uploading more of the cut outs I have been doing.I've also been using ink on paper primarily instead of the acrylic on canvas.

    I think I want to focus more on the way people's interactions are mediated by objects, the objects being more representative of ideas, and functioning more like symbols...but then the question arises if people themselves are similar to objects? I tend to think people embody many more ideas than objects do , having more of a complex interaction with others (more complex interactions equals embodying more ideas), .Yet objects themselves have a deep rooted history and a chain of associations as well. I am going to have to investigate the relationship of personhood to objecthood to ideas to symbols, and what that all means.

    I think I will do this by simplifying the figures so that they are only static representations acting on the object that will become more of the focus? I am not sure yet, but I am excited.

    I also have a new artist talk I did that sums up my work on the self portraits that I will upload to the "Hot Dog' or rather, link section of my website when I get it edited and posted on Youtube. It covers an exhibition I had at the Commonwealth gallery of my university .

    My thesis exhibition will be in April of 2017, so I have a lot to prepare for that.

    Exciting new things !

  • The (Rather Short) Artistic Biography of Kayla Suverkrubbe - (Version Whichever

    Kayla Suverkrubbe is a peculiar example of an artist who focuses currently on self portraits that explore parts of her own identity . She has always been interested in herself, as she is sort of sinister but also quite chipper to balance it out. Suverkrubbe is currently purusing her Masters of Fine Arts at Boston University. That means she lives in Boston, MA. So far she thinks it's quite dandy in her apartment near the grocery store. The school isn't so bad either.The weather in the winter is awful, but summer is wonderful. She will be painting until her hands fall off for the next year, Actually, probably for the rest of her life. Whatever else may come is anyone's guess.

  • A Statement by An Artist

    Relating to or belonging to me something that is created with imagination and skill and that expresses important ideas or feelings present third singular used to indicate the object of a thought or feeling who someone is quality or state of having existence through the agency or instrumentality of for what reason something that you imagine in your mind to show or make a connection between used as a function word to indicate purpose, intention, tendency, result or end used before a noun to indicate that someone or something is part of a group of similar people or things being one more in addition to one or more of the same kind.

  • Update

    My has this website been stagnant, as if a drought had occurred in this particular area of cyberspace. Hello, my name is Kayla Suverkrubbe, and yes, I am quite alive. I have started with my masters in painting at Boston University , as the last update said, and I have been extremely busy. Yet it is no excuse for my sharing with the world to dry up. I have begun working on self portraits, and there are a lot of them to update this website with (a lot- like 30 , maybe more) . I also left my previous partner in crime, oil paint, for acrylic due to circumstances. I also quit using the stretcher for my painting , trying to come up with something that mimics what my art is speaking about . I want the paintings to talk about the compromise of identity in every way they possibly can, from the forms and the content to the actual support they are on. Oh maybe I am giving too much insight and should go back to being difficult and vague? I have decided though, at least here, to be a little more open with content meaning and what my thoughts are- what a surprise for the visitor reading this!

    So, the 'self portraits' gallery is in construction. I will be taking photographs later this month of all the work I have done to this point since fall of 2015. I also will have a great great gift for everyone- I did a collaboration with a talented poet, and hopefully am able to put that on my website as well.

    Look forward to it! (Or don't...I'm not going to force you).

    -May 1st, 2016

  • That Beautiful City and the Next Set of Paintings

    K A Suverkrubbe has successfully found the beautiful city she was dreaming of. She will be pursuing her degree at the University of Boston in Boston MA (for those of you who didn't know Boston is in Massachusetts) with a Masters in Painting (unless something horribly goes wrong; you never know ). It is a real dream come true!It is a grand success story ! It will go down in the record books! In the history books! In all books! Every book! Write it down!

    She will be here cited as saying, quite humbly, "Yeah, it will be very cool . I will have lots of things to look at and smoosh onto my canvases visually."The excitement she is experiencing is palpable from the way she jitters around as she speaks. It's truly a testament of the potential this experience will have for her.

    She wants to impress that "a lot of amazing things are going to happen in Boston. I have all kinds of ideas already in mind. I want to take what I have been doing, but make it more confusing . I want to take advantage of layering of information but also pure quantity to leave a viewer reeling on their toes. It needs to be like the clouds or an I Spy Book . The perspective shifts depending on what you look at in the picture. That's the point- constant shifting perspective in a mass. It has to just cross that line to incomprehensible so that a path can still be followed. Yet it's going to be a difficult journey. The experience a person will have when they look at this new work should be one that mimics the attempt at understanding , especially the questions about the journey of life. '

    Exciting things to look forward to certainly! You can catch it here on the artist's very own website! Everyone- man woman or child- is invited!!! Though to avoid lawsuits, we give a parental advisory for some of the imagery used. We will not be held responsible for questioning young ones.

    -August 2015

  • Greatest Artist Talk of All Time


    KA Suverkrubbe gives a brilliant speech on her work from her Bachelor's of Fine Arts thesis show. (2015)

  • *The (Rather Short) Artistic Biography of Kayla Suverkrubbe*

    Kayla Suverkrubbe is a madman who focuses mainly on frantic oil paintings with an emphasis on her own brand of abstract figures, crazy patterns, and peculiar environments. Recently she has been venturing into gouache as well, and as far as she knows intends to continue with them. She has always been interested in the bizarre, with a love of things both bubbly and sinister. Though she had a fling with other creative occupational interests, she finally settled down and found the love of her life- art. She is currently working on her BFA at the University of Texas at Tyler and plans on going on to receive her MFA in a (hopefully) beautiful city. After that is a grand mystery filled with more strange inspirations.

    -November 12, 2014